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Distributed Intelligence moves analysis, decision making, and action to the edge of the utility grid and city infrastructure, closest to the problems to be solved and to the opportunities to be realized. It’s a key value differentiator enabled by intelligent connectivity. Utilities and communities have a multitude of opportunities to become more efficient and resilient and to make new services available to their customers and citizens.  Those opportunities come with a wide range of performance, reliability and cost requirements, including the need to leverage previous infrastructure investments to as great a degree as possible.  Our approach is to start with the outcome definition and then deliver processing power and intelligence at the right layers and on the right devices within our solution suite to most effectively achieve the outcome.   


» Most proven multi-application network for energy
» and smart city applications
» 75% of power in the US touches Itron technology
» #1 in electric and gas segments, in North America*

» #1 in U.S. DA market share based on total # of DA
» endpoints deployed + contracted

» Leader in Utility Field Area Networks**



At the network edge, distributed intelligence enables devices, applications, and end users to generate insight from IoT data and to take action. Intelligence is deployed in two principal forms: 

  • INTEGRATED EDGE DEVICES (RIVA METER): Itron is the pioneer of distributed intelligence-enabled metering endpoints. By analyzing and acting upon meter and connected device data in real-time at the edge, Itron is changing the paradigm for how utilities address consumer and grid opportunities and optimizations. Itron’s distributed intelligence-enabled devices, such as the Itron Riva meter, offer revolutionary analysis and processing capabilities to enable a multitude of grid safety and operations, DER integration, and consumer facing applications from both Itron and 3rd parties. 

  1. Edge processing, shared analysis and learning in real time across devices, local decision making and action 

  1. Applications on the end device 


  • NETWORK EDGE DEVICES (IOT ROUTER)Smart edge devices such as the IoT Edge Router and the GenX Bridge empower utilities and cities with the ability to aggregate and process both Itron and existing deployed third party IoT device data while minimizing the need to communicate with a central back-office server. Third-party applications can easily be utilized through a plug-n-play architecture.  Existing use cases like traffic optimization for cities and EV charging and DER integration for utilities can be enhanced with distributed intelligence deployed to the IOT Edge Router to deliver more value than ever before. For more information see the page: Connect to other networks and Edge compute 

  1. Data aggregation, processing and control of existing deployed “non-smart” devices 

  1. Applications are on the Itron smart edge device 



Itron Distributed Intelligence Value Propositions 


  1. Provide unparalleled situational awareness within the utility distribution network or the connected community. 

  • For utilities, gain SCADA-like awareness and response capability all the way down to individual homes and businesses. 

  • For smart communities, assure consumer health, safety and convenience by enabling services which can react to conditions on the ground, in real time. 

  1. Enable an increasingly diverse ecosystem of smart meters, grid devices and distributed energy resources that communicate and collaborate intelligently in real time at the edge of the network  

  1. Establish measured improvements in grid efficiency including location awareness, safety and reliability, and outage detection and restoration.   

  1. Transform customer service optimizing the effectiveness of load control, demand response and dynamic pricing programs  

  1. Maintain distribution network stability and operation by monitoring and managing operations in real time through transformer management, and voltage optimization  

  1. Ensure the safety of citizens and utility workers by proactively identify gas safety issues like leaks and high-risk environmental situations like flooding and take action remotely and autonomously. 

  1. Itron’s open distributed intelligence platform was developed as a holistic system level solution to provide analytics and the taking of action in the right place at the right time. Our solution provides deeper system visibility, quicker response and more valuable outcomes with device peer to peer connectivity and locational awareness.   

  1. We are the only vendor with a purpose designed, purpose built, and field proven distributed intelligence platform.   For over five years, Itron has invested in the development of an end-to-end platform which enabled true distributed intelligence with grid edge computing.  This is a journey our competitors are just now starting. 

  • Itron’s DI apps have been successfully deployed with multiple utilities. Several utilities have experienced 100% success with our Theft Detection and High Impedance Detection apps. We are already delivering the active grid and have been chosen by utilities for full deployment of DI-enabled Riva meters.