Distributed Intelligence Developer Program: Unlock Your IoT Potential

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Whether you are an established solution developer or aspiring entrepreneur, Starfish empowers you to ideate and iterate breakthrough solutions for the Industrial IoT. With more than 26 million devices delivered on five continents, our solutions have been proven at scale by the most demanding customers worldwide. By providing you with access to a rich library of data streams, IoT sensors, and intelligent edge devices, and our open platform supports a vibrant ecosystem of solutions.




IoT Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

We realize that capital and resources can be hard to come by as well as gaining access to real data and connectivity. The Developer Portal program empowers you with the right tools, tips and technical infrastructure to create a vast range of IoT devices and applications. You can leverage our selection of HDKs to rapidly prototype intelligent devices and sensors. You can even model your applications with virtual devices in a sandbox environment to optimize your design. From logistics to agriculture, in open environments and closed campuses, any solution is possible. If you can imagine it, we can help you bring it to life and provide an accelerated path to market while minimizing developmment cost.

Smart Utility and Smart City Industry Engineers

We welcome the opportunity to partner with developers to offer new services on our existing IoT networks. By leveraging this existing network infrastructure, you can use our developer tools and resources to optimize, improve as well as extend your service offering. We've centralized our documentation and resources here to make that process easier so you can innovate more quickly and focus on proving the viability of your idea, application or solution without worrying about the network and communication protocols.