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The Itron Network Platform is an open, standards-based all IPv6-enabled wireless network that provides unsurpassed, ubiquitous coverage. It supports millions of devices at data rates of up to 2.4MBps, and our integration options come in a variety of form factors to fit the varying use cases presented by smart utilities, smart cities and enterprise IoT customers. Range is extended through meshing capabilities provided by all continuously powered devices and some battery enabled devices.

Multiple layers of security are built into the infrastructure to safely connect devices and transport data. Unlike emerging IoT networks, our solutions have demonstrated the highest levels of performance and are backed with an SLA. Itron offers a variety of connectivity options ranging from battery-powered modules for sensors to best in class modules featuring multi-megabit speeds and robust distributed processing, and all are designed for multi-decade operation in the most demanding enterprise IoT environments.


Itron Networked Solutions’ IoT Edge Router is a hardware device that enables customers to securely connect a variety of city and utility devices—including those that require legacy-protocol support— across a common RF mesh network infrastructure using proven open standards and interfaces and networking protocol support. Support includes a secure and standards-based architecture for both IPv4 and IPv6 communications with Linux-based network-edge computing capability.

Includes Ubuntu Core Snappy software deployment and package management system from Canonical.



Itron Networked Solutions’ Milli 5 is a cost-effective, small footprint, energy-efficient sub-GHz wireless communications device. The Milli 5 is optimized for a wide range of 802.15.4g network applications. It is the first in the family of such devices and can be integrated with battery-powered devices such as water meters, transformer monitors, or hazardous gas detection and logistics pallet tracking devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

It comes equipped with on-board firmware that supports multi-layer security with standards compliant communications in an IPv6 wireless mesh network enabling sophisticated IoT operators to power a wide range of devices for up to 20 years in the field. 

This Milli 5 based developer kit provides a Milli 5 integrated on an Arduino R3 form factor shield for easy integration with any compatible Arduino form factor boards.


Milli Dev Kit with cord



The Itron Riva Dev Kit delivers Itron Riva technology with the Dev Mini and the Modular LE. Acting as the root, the Dev Mini has a 900 MHz 802.15.4g radio to enable RF communication on the Itron OpenWay Riva Network. The Modular LE provides RF communications and operates at a fixed modulation and frequency within the ISM band. Acting as the node, the Modular LE is ideal for low-powered or battery-powered devices designed to detect variations and exceptions in flow data, weather conditions and air quality.

The Itron Riva Dev Kit enables smart networks that drive efficiency, conservation and new services, making possible smart city applications such as:

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart parking
  • Smart water
  • Smart services