To ensure a solid Green Light on a WAN IoTR it needs connectivity to our Starfish Head End, this requires a ipsec tunnel through port 500 or 4500.  To trouble shoot and determine if there is a firewall blocking these ports a test with netcat tool (standard available linux tool) can be used to verify these ports are not blocked. 


Solid Green Light needed on WAN IoTR.  Blinking light on IoTR indicates that unable to establish an ipsec tunnel to Itron Starfish Head End.


The IoTR in WAN mode will try to reach 74.121.20254 over UDP port 500 or 4500.  Of course this can be verified with an IoTR if it is able to establish a solid green light.  An alternate method to test from a Linux box or a PC could be to verify if port 500 and 4500 are not blocked via a firewall.  The netcat command can verify if these ports are blocked.


Linux box – run the following command line command which test connectivity on ports 500 and 4500;

nc -uvz 500 4500

linux command



Window PC – Install Cygwin a GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution and install additional package netcat (nc)

cygwin setup capture

Run the following command in Cygwin

nc -uvz 500,4500

windows command cygwin