Starter Kit for Battery Sensor & Edge Compute - EU

This starter kit is approved for use in European Union (EU) countries.

This starter kit contains a Milli Developer Kit v1.0 for EU and an IoT Edge Router Kit HW3 - Europe & Middle East with WAN mode for communication with the network and data backhaul.

Itron's Milli 5 is a cost-effective, energy-efficient sub-GHz wireless communications device. The Milli 5 is optimized for a wide range of 802.15.4g network applications and is the first in the family of such devices. It may be integrated with battery-powered devices such as water meters, photocells, and logistics pallet tracking devices. It comes equipped with on-board firmware that supports communications in an IPv6 wireless mesh network. This Milli 5 based developer kit uses an Arduino shield for easy integration with any compatible Arduino R3 boards. Firmware currently supports CoAP over UART communication with integrated devices.

Itron's IoT Edge Router is a hardware device that enables customers to securely connect a variety of devices—including those that require legacy protocol support— across a common RF mesh network infrastructure using proven open standards and interfaces and networking protocol support. Support includes a secure and standards-based architecture for both IPv4 and IPv6 communications with Linux-based network-edge computing capability. 

The IoT Edge Router WAN mode provides data backhaul to back-office software for other connected devices including the Milli Dev Kit and devices with integrated Itron NICs such as the Milli NIC.


Included in Dev Kit:

  • Milli 5 NIC Arduino shield board
  • Arduino M0 Pro
  • Antenna
  • USB/TTL smart cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • IoT Edge Router HW3 - Europe & Middle East
  • Generic Wireless HW3 Accessory Kit


We also recommend you purchase any sensors you wish to integrate along with a breadboard and connecting wire.


The kit is comprised of the following catalog items:

  1. Milli Developer Kit v1.0 for EU
  2. IoT Edge Router Kit HW3 - Europe & Middle East


The following countries are supported.

 870-873 MHz
 500 mW erp 
 870-875.6 MHz
 500 mW erp 

* The CC is the "country code" that will be used to configure the device for the proper country frequency band.

385-003200 / 260-010203 / 201-450021