The product is approved for use in USA. Now available for shipping. 

The P3X Network Sniffer is an advanced multi-channel receiver. It is a great tool for partners to do range/field testing of their integrated devices or prototypes.
Designed to capture all Milli-Mesh network traffic within range of its highly dynamic receiver, the P3X can decode simultaneous Milli-Mesh packets.
This item meets the regulatory requirements for USA and is now available for shipping. This product requires at least one IoT Edge Router HW1 - USA (with WAN mode) device for communication with the network and a Milli based partner device.

The P3X is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that

  • provides signal strength,
  • microsecond accurate timestamping, and
  • frequency error measurement for every received packet.

The accompanying PC application, xSnifferApp, is used for

  • receiver customization,
  • data logging, and
  • RF spectral analysis

The application can be directly connected to WireShark for further packet examination.

Included in P3 xSniffer Network Sniffer Kit:

  • P3X – Milli-Mesh Edition
  • Mag Mount Antenna
  • Flex Position Whip Antenna with RF Adaptor
  • Automotive Power Inverter for Mobile Use
  • Ethernet to USB Adaptor
  • Ethernet Cable
  • DC Power Supply

The following countries are supported:










 902-928 MHz

 350 mW (erp) 


* The CC is the "country code" that will be used to configure the device for the proper country frequency band.