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STEP 1: Exploration

Develop at your own pace!  The Itron Developer Portal has everything you need, including technical documentation, video tutorials, “Getting Started” guides, FAQs, technical forums, and support desk.

STEP 2: Proof of concept

Begin by completing the technical profile to ensure you are on the right path.  Next, prove your application is functional by adding your sensors to send data to the data platform. Start with our temperature reference application and modify it to support your application.

Step 3: Prototype design

When you are ready to develop a prototype, you will use the antenna guidelines, Power consumption parameters and data platform to perform end-to-end testing.

Step: 4 Field trials

In order to be field trial ready, you will provide a prototype, test results and design Specification to the technical enablement team for review.

Step 5: Commercialization

In order to successfully launch your product, you will prepare your device for both Itron and FCC Certification (as required), submit all required test results for review and approval and work through order fulfillment and supply chain logistics.