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The Itron Milli certification program is intended to verify the devices will be "well behaved" on the network.  The testing assesses the RF transmit and receive performance and whether the sensor meets the communication protocol specifications. The certification is mandatory for any device to be connected to an Itron production network.

The certification program conducts the following tests:

  1. Antenna Pattern and Gain
  2. RF Receive Sensitivity
  3. CoAP Interoperability


Milli Certification

Getting certified implies the commitment of the partner to ensure that all their devices joinin Itron production networks network will have sufficient RF performance to communicate on the network and that the communications will be interoperable per the communication protocol specifications.

Partner shall demonstrate this commitment with evidence of compliance generated on a device, which is representative of all devices of the same model deployed on the network. This evidence is information provided and and test results, generated by Itron accredited test houses, which will be provided to Itron during the certification submission process.

Following successful completion of the certification tests, Itron delivers a certificate to the partner for a given device model.

Note: That Itron certification is required and is separate from FCC certification



Milli Certification Instructions

  1. Review the Itron Partner Milli Qualification Test Plan.
    1. Download the Itron Partner Milli Qualification Test Preparation document to understand pre-requisites, what you need to do and how to prepare to get your device certified by Itron for use on production Itron networks. This document identifies what information and material you need to prepare and send to the chosen approved test lab.
    2. Identify the country RF bands to be certified.
    3. Review the CoAP test cases in the test plan and identify the test cases that should be supported by your device.
    4. Choose an approved test lab from the list below and contact the test lab to arrange testing.
    5. Prepare product and/or material for testing. 
      1. This includes preparing the test units for shipment to an Itron approved test house. 
      2. The test units should be configured with the Leaf node aggressive CoAP profile with the Starfish Stage network ID (1711). Configuration instructions can be found here. The Milli personaliization profile can be downloaded here
      3. Provide an operation manual or description of the device operation including resource URI's. Describe the data available to be retrieved, any resources can be PUT, POST or DELETED. Describe what the schedule, conditions, or triggers cause device generated messages (also known as bubble-up or persistent observe collected data), as well as any test modes available and how to initiate the test modes.
    6. Ship test units and other required information to the test house.
    7. The test house will conduct tests and work with you to remediate any issues.
    8. The test house will generate a report and send it to Itron.
    9. Itron will analayze the tests and, if all of them pass, Itron will issue a certificate.


    Milli Certification Process Flowchart


    Itron Approved Test Houses

    The following list includes Itron approved test houses. Click on the link above for an expanded summary, or on the logos below to go directly the the test house's website.



    Bureau Veritas

    7layers is an international provider of engineering services, testing, and certification. They support suppliers of wireless products and smart service providers to succeed in the Internet of Things. For more information, click here.