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Unified Data Platform

Our Data Platform provides tools to design and simulate your smart city, utility and enterprise IoT solutions with virtual devices for easy prototyping and rapid development. The Data Platform provides flexible schema design, data persistence, and data access across a full suite of RESTful APIs.

Once you are ready, you can quickly deploy, provision, and scale your solutions leveraging our on-demand network and data platform for the Internet of Important Things™.


Starfish Studio

Starfish Studio is a web application that allows for the design and network simulation of IoT devices. You can create and experiment with various network configurations, called 'solutions' and simulate device and network activity. By following the steps below, you can ideate, iterate and implement an end-to-end IoT solution without the need to have real devices deployed:

  1. Build a virtual IoT device or sensor. You can create your own or start from one of our existing templates.

  2. Model the number of IoT devices or sensors and their data schemas.

  3. Simulate the data feed from your network of devices to your virtual application.

  4. Create a Developer Portal account to access simulated data via API in your own application.

  5. Mix real devices and simulated things to try new applications on top of existing infrastructure.


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Our suite of APIs enable a new generation of applications by making high granularity sensor data easily available. There are multiple APIs to power a variety of use cases, and new APIs are continually in development. Our team is always seeking input from our partner ecosystem, and we encourage you to pass along feedback.

Itron Networked Solutions Data Platform provides a suite of REST based APIs for solution development and IoT device data access. The APIs are for data stored on the Data Platform for ease of developing applications and to provide a persistent storage platform. The API set includes device data provisioning and querying, event provisioning, and subscription through webhooks. It also includes observations (that is, sensor data), provisioning, and querying.

The CoAP Gateway API is a UDP-based Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) interface that exposes a forward proxy called CoAP Gateway for Read/Write access to devices on the Itron Networked Solutions mesh network. The CoAP Gateway functions as a standard CoAP-to-CoAP proxy and its usage primarily follows the CoAP standard.


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