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Data Platform API Documentation

With our Data Platform APIs, you will be able to access the network device data from your solution or application. The term "solution" in this context is used to identify a collection of devices that are deployed in the field for a specific use or application. You can have various solutions that you own and you can develop solutions following the typical developer workflow paradigm where you can iterate in development, stage, or sandbox and then deploy to production. 



Solution: A collection of devices that are deployed in the field for a specific use or application.

Device: An Itron Networked Solutions AP or Milli, or external devices such as a sensor that gauges changes in environment since it was last recorded.

Observation: Any sensor data about changes in the environment, such as temperature, humidity, or location.

Webhook: A user-defined HTTP callback triggered by an event.

Token: A unique access token that authorizes the user to to call Data Platform APIs. To obtain a token, you must provide the ClientID and Secret key obtained from Itron Networked Solutions when you registered with the Developer Portal.


Security and Authentication

Refer to the Security section of the API Overview for security, authentication, and how to obtain a token to call APIs.




Using Data Platform APIs

Tutorial Video



Data Platform URLs

The base URL for API usage is


Construct the full URL in the form:{API specific string} 


Data Platform APIs

Data Platform APIs are broadly classified under the following categories:

  • Authorization: Generates an access token that needs to be specified when calling all other Data Platform APIs. 
  • Device registration: Registers simulated and real devices with the Data Platform to generate a Device ID for use in other API calls.
  • Device metadata retrieval: Retrieving and managing user-defined metadata for simulated devices.
  • Sensor data retrieval: Retrieving observations of changes in environment from registered devices in a network.
  • Event notification: Subscribing to real-time notifications of events through webhooks.


API Reference Documentation

The reference documentation containing the parameters and API-specific URL string can be found in the API View in Starfish Studio.



Reference Applications and Code Samples

Javascript Wrapper for Data Platform APIs