The P3X Network Sniffer is an advanced multi-channel receiver. It is a great tool for partners to do range/field testing of their integrated devices or prototypes. Designed to capture all Milli-Mesh network traffic within range of its highly dynamic receiver, the P3X can decode simultaneous Milli-Mesh packets. The P3X is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that:

  • provides signal strength,
  • microsecond accurate timestamping, and
  • frequency error measurement for every received packet.

The accompanying PC application, xSnifferApp, is used for

  • receiver customization,
  • data logging, and
  • RF spectral analysis

The application can be directly connected to WireShark for further packet examination.



P3X Components The P3X package includes the following components:

  • P3X Milli-Mesh Edition
  • Mag Mount Antenna
  • Flex Position Whip Antenna with RF Adapter
  • Automotive Power Inverter for portable use
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • USB-to-Ethernet Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Companion PC based Software Application (xSnifferApp)

Setting Up Power

  1. The P3X module requires a 12V DC source with a minimum 2.0 Amp rating.
  2. Plug in the included power adapter to a 120-V power outlet and connect it to P3X.

Setting Up Antenna

  1. The P3X ships with a Type N to SMA type connector adapter and a small whip antenna.
  2. Connect the antenna directly to the RF port via the SMA adapter.
  3.  Avoid positioning the P3X and its antenna close to other transmitting devices such as meters, etc. Keep the P3X at least 3 feet from other potential RF sources.

Note: Care should be taken to ensure incident RF power never exceeds (-10 dBm) to avoid damaging the sensitive front end receiver circuits in the P3X.

Setting Up Ethernet Connection

  1. The P3X is preconfigured with a fixed IP address (default:
  2. In order for the PC to recognize this address an Ethernet adapter must be set up and configured to have the same subnet address as the P3X ( but a with fixed IP address that is unique (e.g.,
  3. Plug in the included USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter to a USB port on the PC.
  4. Windows should detect the adapter as a new device and install the appropriate driver for it.
  5. Navigate to the Control Panel on the PC and select “Network and Sharing Center.”
  6. Select “Change Adapter Settings” from the menu option on the left.
  7. Locate the network device corresponding to the Ethernet adapter to be used for the P3X.


Note: you can right click and rename the network device to something that is easy to identify, e.g., Sniffer.

  1. Right-click on the device and select “Properties.”
  2. Locate and double-click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” to bring up properties view.
  3. Select “Use the following IP address” and set the IP address to something like and the Subnet mask to

  1. Click “OK” to save the changes made.
  2. Once the Ethernet adapter is setup on the PC connect it to the P3X via the included ethernet cable.
  3. Verify that the PC can now communicate with the P3X by performing a “Ping” operation.
  4. Open a command prompt on the PC and type “ping” and hit “Enter”
  5. Assuming communication is successful the ping attempt should be successful.


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