Teaming Up with Vanteon

As part of its Developer Program, Itron has collaborated with device integration partner Vanteon to provide engineering capabilities and services to our developer partners. Vanteon engineering services address electronics hardware, firmware, and software development tasks to support all product delivery phases from concept to manufacturing.


Core Capabilities, Competencies, and Services

Vanteon's top-tier services provide customers with technology roadmaps and assessments, system trade-off studies, specification definition (phase 0), and requirements definition and refinement.

System-level support covers all needs of product development, including: 

  • Customized software & device QA, testing, and validation

  • Regulatory support (DO-178B/C, DO-254, COMSEC, FCC, ETSI, UL, ULC)

  • Supply chain assistance  

  • Certification & documentation

  • Sustaining services for hardware, firmware and software designs

  • Follow-on support / transition to manufacturing




Design & Development Activities Specifications

Electronics Hardware FPGA Design and Simulation Firmware and Software
  • Component selection and circuit design

  • Schematic capture, PCB layout, signal and power integrity analysis

  • Board level design, analog and digital simulation execution

  • Full custom analog / digital / RF design

  • DSP development (many partners; specified by client)

  • RF development: full custom RF front ends, standards based (Bluetooth, RFID, Wi-Fi, ZigBee)

  • RF amplifiers and splitters 

  • Hardware / firmware and software systems integration

  • Design for test / manufacturing / cost/ SWaP

  • MATLAB, Simulink and Synopsys design flow interfacing into vendor tools

  • Support for Xilinx, Intel (Altera), Microsemi (Actel) and Lattice Flows

  • 32-bit / 64-bit, soft and hard core processors

  • Algorithm definition and development 

  • DUC & DDC quadrature mixing, DDS/NCO generation


  • DSSS, hamming control coding, Reed Solomon, Convolutional/Viterbi coding, LDPC encoding

  • Matched filter correlators, carrier recovery, timing recovery, AGC, Costas Loop

  • FIR, IIR, Multi-rate (Polyphase, Halfband, CIC), Overlap Add / overlap save (fast convolution)

  • Uniform filter bank (polyphase channelizers), non-uniform filter banks

  • Deconvolution, decision feedback equalizer (DFE), LMS adaptive filtering

  • Signal and spectrum analysis, modulation detection, pulse compression, signal cancellation, acoustic feature extraction, DPD

  • Develop applications, RTOS, firmware, BSPs, stacks

  • Embedded software & RTOS development

  • Drivers, BSPs, stacks, applications, SDKs

  • Supported OS: All Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Unix, VxWorks

  • Host drivers, BSPs, Middleware, full application development

  • Porting, localization, SDKs, frameworks, tool kits



Vanteon is both ITAR and COMSEC registered.

Contact Information Name Title Phone E-mail
Key Technical SME Point of Contact Nick Oddo Business Development Manager (585) 771-7265
Key Contracts Point of Contact Ron Ells Assistant Controller (585) 419-9699