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upgrading IoTR 2.5?

I've got one of the early IoTRs that do not support WAN mode. Is a firmware update available to complete the edgerouter functionality available in the newer 2.5 versions?

Current image list is:

Last Known Good Image: 03.12.7000 Currently Running Image (flash): 03.12.7000 Currently Running Image (mem): 03.12.7000 Image List:   Image #0: 03.10.001b (crc = 1000, valid, size = 1600576)   Image #1: 03.12.7000 (crc = 6860, valid, size = 1323232)

Sorry for the late reply

There is no way to upgrade from an older image to a 2.5 image that supports WAN mode.  You will have to order a new IOTR 2.5.