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Unable to install Mili Provisioning app

When we try to install the Mili Provisioning app, it says that the certificate for the following website - https://developer.itron.com/api/fileDownload/749 has expired.Hence we are unable to download the Milli Provisioning app for setting up the Milli Dev kit.

Unable to install Mili Provisioning app

Hi All,

Please find the below workaround instructions to Launch / run the Milli Provisioning App.

  1. Download the latest Milli Provisioning Tool from Dev Portal.  The Provisioning Tool file you downloaded should have a file name of “MilliProvisionApp.jnlp”
  2. Use a text editor (e.g. notepad++) to open up the file
  3. In there you will find two lines that contain a link to https://developer.ssni.com/api/fileDownload -- please edit them so that they say https://developer.itron.com/api/fileDownload instead and save the file
  4. Launch the Milli Provisioning Tool again and it should work

Please find the updated attached “MilliProvisionApp.jnlp” as mentioned below.

MilliProvisionApp.jnlp freezes

MilliProvisionApp.jnlp freezes at initial screen after I click NEXT. 

What firmware load do I need for a device shipped in late 2018? What code should be running of the three? Production, Hardware Test, Self Test?


UPDATE: I was able to make the provisioning modifications within the TeraTerm connection using "cfg w country:840" and "cfg w netid:1711"