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Unable to create simulation devices on Starfish Studio

 I have created a tenant from my account. Also logged onto Starfish Studio trying to create simulated devices & run APIs using solution StudioSimulation

However I'm getting error as below :-hn

Get Devices Options: {  "method": "GET",  "uri": "https://api.data-platform.developer.ssni.com/api/solutions/StudioSimulation/devices",  "qs": {},  "headers": {  "Authorization": "<removed>"  },  "json": true  }  devices:1 GET https://api.data-platform.developer.ssni.com/api/solutions/StudioSimulation/devices? 404 (Not Found)  studio-bundle.js:1 Get Devices Response:{  "status": "NotFound",  "message": "The requested resource was not found."  }  studio-bundle.js:1 error in creating devices.....!

Am i missing a step here. Can somebody help ?

Unable to create simulation devices on Starfish Studio
You can create simulated devices first from Starfish Studio and then try fetching device details.  Also, the token which you have to use is from the website itself.
While calling API's from View API's tab
sample curl request will be like below -
curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: <removed>' 'https://api.data-platform.developer.ssni.com/api/solutions/StudioSimulation/devices'
and response will be captured under "Response Messages"
See if this works.