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Troubleshooting IOTR connection to the Starfish back office

When using an IOTR for Milli development, the IOTR must be in WAN mode.  When the IOTR is in WAN mode, it will establish a secure tunnel to the Starfish network environment.  The LED on the back of the IOTR will be solid green when a secure tunnel is established.  Below are some tests you can run to ensure that your IOTR can communicate with Starfish correctly.

1) To determine if your internet has a firewall issue in establishing a connection to Itron back office;


IoTR MODE: WAN (AP – Access Point) 

The Ethernet port the IOTR  is connected to needs to have port 4500 or 500 open so it can establish a secure tunnel to the Starfish network environment.  If a firewall isn’t blocking these ports, you should see a solid green STATUS light next to the antenna connector on the IOTR.  If the LED is blinking it means there is no WAN connectivity or port 4500 and 500 are blocked by a firewall and this needs to be resolved.


A Solid Green Light is needed on the IoTR.  A blinking green light indicates that the IOTR is unable to establish an ipsec tunnel to the Starfish network environment hosted by Itron.


The IoTR in WAN mode will try to reach 74.121.20254 over UDP port 500 or 4500. To verify if port 500 and 4500 are not blocked via a firewall, use the netcat command to see if these ports are blocked.


On a Linux machine – run the following command line command which test connectivity on ports 500 and 4500;


nc -uvz 500 4500




On a Windows PC – Install Cygwin ( http://sourceware.org/cygwin/ ) and install additional package netcat (nc)




nc -uvz 500,4500





2) Another way to determine if there is a firewall issue is to ssh into the IoTR (as “dev” user and password “starfish”) and can capture the log file.  Use WinSCP or other tool to sftp/retrieve this log file and send to Itron for analysis.


dev@ssniotr:~$ cat /var/log/syslog > /tmp/log.txt