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Milli connection problem


I have a problem connecting Milli 5 with the Starfish HDK Client application.

I have two Milli 5 devices and one EdgeRouter. Both Millis are connected with EdgeRouter and in the Putty I can read temp and time from Milli's.

Starfish HDK Client application detects my Milli devices, but can not communicate with it, when I click to the Milli MAC address, application return ''Request timed out'' and I can not read temp or time from Milli. 


Can anybody know what can be a problem? 


Best regards.

Milli connection problem

Hi Breda,

When there is a CoAP request in progress through the Gateway, it will reject additional requests until it gets a response from the target device, or the network completes its retry attempts.  The timeout on the Gateway is set to 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, you can use the CoAP client to attempt another read on the device to get sensor data.

Before attempting to read the device from the client, it is best to make sure the device is connected to the Starfish network.  This will avoid triggering the Gateway timeout; if the Milli device is not connected to both the IOTR and Starfish, any attempt to read it will not return successfully, and thus each read attempt will trigger the 10 minute waiting period for the timeout to expire.

There are several ways to verify end-to-end connectivity:

1)  Is the LED on the back of the IOTR solid green?  If so, it has an established tunnel to the Starfish Network.

2) You can use the iotr-tools snap on the IOTR to perform communications diagnostics.  One thing to try is to use iotr-tools to read if the operator certificate appears on the device.  You can do this by opening up an SSH session to the IOTR, run iotr-tools, and then enter the RF Menu, and click List Certificates on Milli.  If the resulting list includes the Operator Certificate, then the device has (at some point) succesfully registered with the Starfish Network.

3) You can use iotr-tools to check the Country Code and Network ID to make sure those values are correct, and the IOTR values match the Milli values in Milli sysvars.  The Country Code should match the code of the Country you are operating in; the Network ID on the Milli and IOTR should both be 1711 for Starfish.  You can check sysvar values on the Milli with iotr-tools using Configuration Tools...Read Sysvar.  Sysvar 1 is the Network ID, and sysvar 3 is the Country Code.

Note that before you use Read Sysvar, you need to run Select Milli Establish Secure Connection from the Configuration Tools menu.


4) An alternative to the Windows CoAP client is our Java CoAP client.  This uses JSON configuration files to perform discrete operations on a Milli device, for example do a CoAP GET on a sensor resource.  See our developer portal for more information on downloading and using the Java CoAP client.

Please let me know if you are able to use these techniques to confirm successful registration of your Milli device.