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Milli 5 Pin 22 (3V3RF / NC)

Going through the Milli 5 datasheet, pin 22 is not clearly explained. The name of the pin is 3V3RF. However, the description is NC (I assume this is No Connect). Also, your Milli5 Shield schematic shows that Pin22 is connected through a 0 ohm resistor to the 3V3 rail.

-Is pin 22 a 'No Connect' or should it be connected to 3.3V? -If 3.3V need to be applied to the pin, what is the tolerance on the voltage? -Does the pin require decoupling or bypass capacitor near the pin?


Along the same line, Pin 11 is a NC, but on the Milli5 Shield it is shown as connected to ground through a 0 ohm resistors.