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IoTR2 does not work - show: armbian initializing boot loader


My IoTR2 doesn't work, doesn't connect  to the switch, I scanned it with the tools Advanced_IP_Scanner and I don't see the IoTR2 connected. Then, I connected display with the HDMI and only show armbian universal operating system and restart (armbian initializing boot loader) every 1 minute. I think it needs to be installed the SO again, What I can do? The IoTR2 is broken?


thanks a lot

What do you have connected to the IOTR?

Hi Fermax, do you have anything else connected to the IOTR, other than the ethernet cable, HDMI cable and USB keyboard?  Also are you powering the IOTR using the power adapter that was shipped along with the IOTR?  Thanks!