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Introducing Sensor API

Sensor API (SAPI) provides an easy way for 3rd party developers to add sensors to an Itron Hardware Developer Kit (HDK) or any Itron Milli based project based on the reference CoAP server and CoAP protocol. SAPI is comprised of a set of API calls that have been added to the Itron Reference CoAP Server. Using Sensor API allows the developer to focus on adding code for sensors and frees the developer from needing to know anything about CoAP. In fact, SAPI completely isolates the sensor code from the CoAP Server.

The SAPI version 1.0 release is packaged and distributed as a standard Arduino application similar to the original HDK mshield application and CoAP server library. It is composed of three parts:

  • sapi_mshield: a replacement for the classic sensor mshield application
  • itron_coap_server: an updated CoAP Server library
  • Examples: example code for other sensors

You can find a complete description of SAPI in the "Sensor API Users Guide" and portal documentation.