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Installation of third Party Product /software on SSNI IoTR

How can any customer/user can install their product/softwares on SSNI IOTR ? share the link as well if you have any.

Re: Installation of third Party Product /software on SSNI IoTR

The software should be packaged as a SNAP(https://snapcraft.io/) and installable on Ubuntu Core.

Below are some points need to keep in mind while installing software:-

  • To install custom software, it will need to be packaged as a Snap or as a Docker container… There should NOT be any EXCEPTIONS.
  • Root access, changing configuration, installing packages and libraries to the current IoTR host OS - Ubuntu 16.04 - is not supported.
  • In the very near future, the Host OS will not be Ubuntu 16.04 – it will be Ubuntu Core.
  • Everything must be done through Ubuntu Core in order to ensure compatibility with the future production release of IoTR.

Here is a public list of available snapped apps,


Under Ubuntu Core there is an official Docker host SNAP (from Docker, Inc.) which can be installed,


and then any software that is a Docker container can be installed. Here is the list of published Docker app containers