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Hello world for MIlli kits

I am looking for a simple "Hello World" code for the MIlli kit. Does any one have one and will this work on Arduino Uno?

Hello world for MIlli kits

Hi Jarryd,

The Milli "Hello World" reference app is a temperature sensor that integrates with the Adafruit Metro Express M0 board.  Previously we used the Arduino M0 Pro board; both are pin compatible with the Itron Millishield board, and use 32-bit ARM processors.  With the Adafruit board, we provide an easy way to load the reference application using a UF2 bootloader image.  This image can be found at the Itron GitHub repository under the Release folder.  The image includes Itron's reference COAP Server; the C++ code for the COAP server can also be found in the Itron GitHub repository.

Instructions for setting up the reference application with a temperature sensor and Adafruit Metro M0 Express board can be found here.  An easy-to-install DHT11 temperature sensor for the reference application can be purchased on Amazon.com at this link.

For a low power application, the Arduino Uno is a possibility, but that requires loading the proper libraries onto the board, and recompiling the COAP server for the Uno's 8-bit ATmega328p microcontroller.