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Getting 4.00 Bad Request

I am only seeing my milli 5 device on the Windows Starfish Client, am I supposed to see the miniAP as well? Additionally, would this be the reason for the code  "4.00 Bad request" or would this code be for another reason? Thanks.

This is the response recieved:

"Resources NOT returned Received response from server - token = 115320 Version:1  Type: NON  Token : Length =6, Value=115320  Code = 4.00 Bad Request  ID = 2412    Payload="

Re: Getting 4.00 Bad Request

Hi ,

No miniAP does not appear in the list on Windows Starfish Client window.  Only the milli devices show up there. however, since you are facing "Bad Request" in response , could you please submit a ticket from your developer portal account to our support team.

Please include logs in the ticket and we shall troubleshoot further on this issue to get it resolved