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Can you provide a reference power supply suitable for a Milli integration?

I want to build the Milli onto my device PCB and wondered if you could provide a reference power supply (circuit diagram) that would be suitable for powering the Milli?  Planning to power the device from a 3.6V Tadiran battery.

Also need the power specs for the Milli device: peak power (including typical duration of peak), average power, and have these data points for the various states that the device may be in (transmitting, idle/receive, sleep).  

Energy consumption in each of the states would also be helpful.

Power supplies are specific

Power supplies are specific to the application of course and we do not have reference power supply designs to provide at this time. We are evaluating the feasibility of providing reference designs for use case categories or examples. when available these would be made available of course. In situations where we have specific product development integrations we do provide design reviews. We can also provide some referrals for companies that provide power supply design or application reference design.