Build Your Own Sensor Network. Order a Developer Kit

This Getting Started Guide will quickly get you up and running with the miniAP v1 Developer Kit and put you on the path toward building your own new exciting applications.

Note: Itron no longer supports the miniAP and strongly recommends that developers use the IoT Edge Router solution instead. 


miniAP v1 is a Hardware Dev Kit (HDK) used to support users of MAS (Milli Arduino Shield) Kit or other HDKs, to transmit sensor data to Itron's Data Platform, or other data center. miniAP v1 NAN/WAN communications module is microAP 4.0, NIC 411-3G-0713. MicroAP 4.0 may be substituted with NIC 412-3G-0713 or NIC 413-3G-0713, depending on national regional spectrum allowance.



The following architecture diagram shows how the miniAP is connected with sensors and with the meshed network. The diagram shows a Milli Dev Kit and sensor example, however Milli Dev Kit could be replaced with an IoT Router Dev Kit as well.  



Call Home Server - Call Home Server is a process by which access points (APs) register on the network and are configured for the network.


What is in the Dev Kit

The Dev Kit contains the following components:

  • miniAP v1
  • Cellular Antenna
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Start Card


Note: At least one miniAP v1 must be ordered with Milli and IoT Edge Router Dev Kits to communicate with the network. Be sure to buy one approved for use in the country where you will deploy the pair.


Setting up the Hardware

  1. Connect the antenna to the cellular port on the miniAP
  2. Connect the miniAP power adapter to the miniAP power jack
  3. Plug the power cord into an AC power source
  4. Upon power up, the miniAP will connect to the cellular provider and contact the Call Home Server preconfigured on the device before shipping
  5. Upon successful connection the Call Home Server will configure the miniAP with proper settings to communicate with the network.
    Note: Call Home Server configuration of the miniAP typically takes 20-30 minutes but can take as long as 90 minutes to complete