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Establishing device connectivity and data throughput across the network

If you have a need to put sensor data on the network, you can use Itron Networked Solutions technology. This is made possible with the use of Itron's RF Mesh technology connecting with NIC or IoT Router uing proven open standards and interfaces.


Integrate Options

  • Per unit cost sensitivity
  • Higher volume
  • Small size or footprint


Battery Powered Devices - Open Protocols Supported

  • CoAP - for nearly any IOT sensor or device


Continuously Powered Devices - Open Protocols Supported (future)

  • C1219 - for metering and smart grid devices
  • DLMS/COSEM- for utility meter devices
  • DNP3 - typically used for SCADA and other telemetry devices
  • IEEE-2030.5 - also know as Smart Energy Profile 2.0 - typically for smart grid consumer devices in a home area network (HAN)
  • ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 - typically for smart grid consumer devices in a home area network (HAN)
  • MBus - typically for remote reading gas and water meters 

Plug and Play Options

  • Edge compute application
  • Less cost sensitivity
  • Quick connectivity for proof of concept


Open Protocols Supported

  • Ethernet - IPV4/IPV6
  • Serial - RS 232/485
  • Bluetooh - BLE, BT4.0 (via USB dongle)
  • RF - 802.11 (800/900MHz, 2.4GHz)
  • 802.15.4 (6LowPan/Zigbee/Thread)
  • Cellular (via USB dongle)







Battery Powered Device Integration with CoAP

CoAP can be used to connect nearly any IOT sensor or device to the network using our family of Milli NIC communication module developer kits. You can connect a battery powered (or even a continuously powered) device with this protocol.

Just a few examples of the many use cases include:

  • Pallet tracking
  • Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, ...)
  • Noise level sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Gas detection
  • Soil content sensors in agricultural applications
  • Street light control
  • Distribution line sensors
  • and numerous others




Steps to Getting Started - Application Processor


Next Steps - Implementing Your Solution




  • Hardware: Milli5 or GEN5 NIC
  • Addressing: IPV6
  • Physical Connection: NIC pin integration
  • Integration: Meter integration with Itron hardware requires executing integration projects with Itron.
  • If you would like to be a technology or channel partner, please visit the Partner page on the Itron website
    • Apply to be an Itron partner here
  • Use Case: Metering
  • Resources: Meter Integration Guides




  • Hardware: Bridge
  • Addressing: IPv4
  • Physical Connection: Serial or Ethernet
  • Integration: If you have a use case that requires integration with Itron hardware, please enroll to be an Itron partner here.
  • Program: Interoperability Verification: Details to be updated soon.
  • Resources: Details to be determined.


IEEE-2030.5 (Smart Energy Profile 2.0)

Details to be determined.


Zigbee Smart Energy Profile 1.1

Details to be determined.




Details to be determined.