Distributed Intelligence Developer Program

The Complete Toolkit to Enable Value-Added DI Applications at the Grid Edge

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With smart grid networks scaling to millions of connected devices, electric utilities are among the leading adopters of enterprise and industrial IoT solutions. By utilizing smart meters as intelligent edge devices, utilities have an opportunity to activate these devices to create breakthrough applications.

The Distributed Intelligence Software Developer Kit (SDK) from Itron lets innovators leverage the compute power and real-time analytics of OpenWay Riva™ meters to unlock a new world of capabilities. Our active network enables meters to collaborate at the edge to quickly make decisions and take action, accelerating response times while reducing the bandwidth needed to communicate with a central analytics server.

Participating technology vendors have the opportunity to create innovative new solutions that help utilities increase revenue streams and enhance services for residents and rate payers. The program is available to utilities as well as third party developers, empowering participants with the same technology that Itron uses to create break-through Distributed Intelligence applications.

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Whether you are a utility or a software developer, the Itron Developer Program offers the tools you need for rapid prototyping and deployment of Itron-ready distributed intelligence applications for Itron OpenWay Riva meters. 


Itron is the pioneer of distributed intelligence for the utility industry. By providing access to meter data in real-time, Itron is changing the paradigm for how applications can access and process data at the edge of the utility network. These applications can create even more value when integrated with other systems to generate insights and improve system performance.

Participants in the Itron Developer Program get access to: 

» The same APIs used by Itron to develop Distributed Intelligence Applications
» Buildable reference code to accelerate development

» A metrology simulator, allowing recording and replay of meter high frequency data as an aid in proof of concept
» and application development

This enables innovative applications for grid management such as theft detection, impedance detection, load disaggregation, distribution automation, volt/VAR optimization and more.

Do you have an idea for a solution? The possibilities are endless.


» Most proven multi-application network for energy
» and smart city applications
» 75% of power in the US touches Itron technology
» #1 in electric and gas segments, in North America*

» #1 in U.S. DA market share based on total # of DA
» endpoints deployed + contracted

» Ranked by Navigant Research as the Leader in
» Utility Field Area Networks**



The DI development kit is available at no charge to registered participants in our Developer Program. The ideal participant will:

» Have industry or domain experience
» Have Linux and C programming experience
» Pass our product certification test suite
» Follow published technical criteria for resource

» management
» Distribute their application through the Itron

» application store (revenue sharing applies)

*According to the 2017 Scott Report
** Navigant Research Leaderboard for Utility Field Area Networking